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You may not see a rainbow
Or find a pot of gold
To finally find peace within yourself
Before you turn too old.

Live life to the fullest
Be the best you can be
Always help others
And then feel carefree.

We all make our choices
And live with our mistakes
While trying to rectify
Before everyone forsakes.

We are only here for a short time
And live life we must
Enjoy the little things in life
Before we all turn to dust.

From the beautiful blue sky above
To the blades of grass below
Seeing all the beauty around us
As we all have come to know.

A butterfly fluttering
To the birds singing in the morn'
Enjoy God's creations
As they have been with us, since the day we were born.

Forgive your enemies
Holding a grudge will just not do
It only makes you bitter
And it will make you feel blue.

A smile to a stranger
Just might make their day
Kindness comes back tenfold
With pleasant words you have to say.

This is life
With all it's ups and downs
So let's start smiling
Instead of walking around with a frown.

Sherry10575  ~
© All rights Reserved ~ June 28, 2002
Used with permission


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